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Website Terms and Conditions

When building your e-commence platform and website, we understand that the tiny bit of legal fine print at the bottom of every website that says ‘terms of use’ is the last thing on your mind. While most people will visit a website without even clicking on this legal fine print, it is nonetheless critical to protecting your website, IP and minimising your risk.

Website terms and conditions are the rules that govern whoever visits your website and outlines what the terms of use will be if those individuals choose to proceed. This is important to protect you from liability and outline the specific rights, responsibilities and limitations which will apply to your business and the user.

Ask us about tailoring a comprehensive set of website terms and conditions to protect your business and commercial interests. For peace of mind, call Gladwin Legal today, the experts in retail law.

  • User rights and permissions;
  • Proper use of services and what constitutes misuse;
  • Intellectual property and confidentiality;
  • Privacy policy regarding use of personal data;
  • Payment details (if applicable);
  • Termination policy (if applicable);
  • Compliance with EU GDPR laws and California Consumer Privacy Act;
  • Disclaimer, Limitation of Liability and release and indemnity.

The Gladwin Legal team can assist with:

  • Drafting a tailored, comprehensive website terms and conditions;
  • Reviewing and amending an existing website terms and conditions;
  • Advising on any issues that arise as a result of your Website terms and conditions;
  • Preparing tailored clauses depending on what you specific concerns are.

Gladwin Legal regularly provides businesses with tailored legal advice and the preparation of website terms and conditions. If you have any questions, please contact us today.

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