Was/Now Advertising: Is your promotional sale legal?

Was/Now Advertising: Is your promotional sale legal?

It is common practice for retailers to advertise with “was/now” pricing on their products – for example, a suit that “was $300” and is “now $250” suggests a saving of $50.  This method of comparative advertising is a great way to show consumers how much they are saving in a sale or special promotional offer.

However, make sure that your “was/now” pricing can be substantiated.  Looking back through our archives, one case that comes to light is when, the ACCC had reasonable grounds to believe that clothing/apparel retailer Charles Tyrwhitt made false or misleading representations in relation to their “was/now” prices on their online retail store.  Charles Tyrwhitt paid a $10,800 penalty for being issued with this infringement notice.

It is important to ensure that items advertised using “was/now” have genuinely been offered at the “was” price for a reasonable period of time, immediately before the sale or promotion.  In the Charles Tyrwhitt case, the ACCC considered factors such as:

  • how difficult the item was to locate the item at the “was” price (on the website);
  • the time period that the item was advertised at the “was” price; and
  • whether any consumer had ever purchased the item at the “was” price.

Before advertising with a “was/now” representation, make sure you consider whether your offer is accurate and well-substantiated.

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Source: ACCC