Trademarks - Are you protected

Trademarks – Are you protected?

It’s no secret that businesses should consider protecting their Intellectual Property (IP) as soon as possible by applying to register their trademarks, but often businesses don’t know how to go about applying for their trademark and risk having their valuable brand infringed by a competitor.

Applying for a trademark that is un-registrable could waste a significant amount of time and money if your application is rejected or if you need to make substantial changes to your application because you weren’t aware of all your options; for example, if you did not contemplate how your business may expand and include those goods and services in your original trade mark application.

Issues can arise if a trademark application is not submitted correctly, so it’s best to get legal advice regarding your trade mark registration before wasting money on rejected applications. Gladwin Legal provides full trade mark services, from searching for existing IP to drafting and lodging the application itself.  Contact us at  or 1300 033 934 for an obligation-free quote.