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Protect your brand with a registered trade mark

Trade Marks and Branding

Specialist Trade Mark Lawyer for Businesses  

Need a specialist trade mark lawyer to protect your brand? Gladwin Legal are experts in Australian retail law and we have helped countless retailers to sleep easy at night knowing their most precious intellectual property assets have been protected by a trade mark.

Your branding is your business and brand name trademark registration is ours. In the retail industry, customers associate your brand, from your business name to your logos and colours, with confidence in your products. As your intellectual property lawyers, we will ensure your trade mark is registered correctly in Australia or internationally, setting your business and products up for successful future growth well into the future whether you are set on Australian or worldwide recognition for your brand.

It is important to think about your branding and trade marks, even in the early stages of your business to ensure that your brand is unique and able to be registered – not all brand names can be registered! Trade mark registration can also be quite a lengthy process. If you’re in a hurry to trademark your brand, ask the team at Gladwin Legal to help.

Our team at Gladwin Legal are specialist trademark lawyers and experts in retail. We can advise you on all aspects of trade mark law to help you protect your brand and register your trade mark.

Gladwin Legal’s Branding and Trade Mark Lawyers can assist you with:

  • Advising on selecting your business or product names
  • Conducting searches for brand names and trade marks (in Australia or international)
  • Registering business names
  • Maintaining existing trade marks, including renewals
  • Assigning or transferring intellectual property
  • Registering your trade marks (in Australia or international)
  • Opposing trade marks and issuing trade mark infringement claims
  • Defending and responding to intellectual property infringement claims
  • Providing trade mark watching services
  • Licensing intellectual property

We can assist with all elements of protecting your brand, from company and trade mark registration, intellectual property trademarks, trade mark licencing, and copyright law to managing disputes and privacy. Enforcing an existing trade mark can be a powerful tool to protect goodwill in your brand. We also check trade marks with our trade mark watching services.

Protect your Brand and Intellectual Property

Protecting your intellectual property and brand is crucial to commercial success. Our highly experienced IP lawyers can move the process along quickly and seamlessly to ensure your legal protections are in place at the earliest opportunity.

For a free consultation and peace of mind about any area of intellectual property law, branding or trade marks, get in touch with an expert brand and trade mark lawyer at Gladwin Legal. We’re here to help.

Registering your trade marks tells the world that you have the right to use that trade mark to distinguish your brand in relation to your goods and services. This makes it more difficult for competitors to claim that they have rights to use similar trade marks. It also allows you to enforce your trade mark rights against others, protecting your business’s goodwill. It also gives you peace of mind that you are not infringing other people’s trade marks to avoid having to rebrand at a later time. Plus, having registered trade marks in place adds value to your business should you wish to sell your business in the future.

We recommend registering your trade mark as soon as possible for a few reasons.

Firstly, you never want to put yourself in a position where you have built goodwill and reputation in your brand, only to have another business claim that they own the trade mark, requiring you to negotiate to either co-existent or completely re-brand.

Secondly, registrations with an earlier filing date will trump later registrations which will protect you from new competitors wanting to leverage off your brand.

We understand that cost is an important consideration when deciding whether to engage legal services. We offer fixed fees for most trade mark matters, including filing trade mark applications, drafting licensing and assignment agreements and managing trade mark renewals.

However, opposition and dispute matters can vary in cost depending on the complexity of your matter. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your scope of work and we can give you a fee estimate straight away.

Our trade mark watching service includes monitoring of your registered trade mark and its goods and services and providing notifications to you, to inform you if there have been any similar trade mark applications that may potentially infringe your trade mark.

It can be a great way to keep on top of copycat competitors and discouraging similar brands which could confuse your customers.

We offer watching services in Australia and world wide at reasonable fixed fees which vary depending on the scope of service that you require. Contact us for a no obligation quote.