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Are you planning on starting a new business or looking to get your start-up off the ground? Gladwin Legal’s team of expert start-up lawyers are here to help.

What exactly goes into starting a small business? What legal documents will you need? A privacy policy? A shareholder’s agreement? A trademark? It can be hard to know where to start, but as a leading start-up lawyer in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne, we can help take the guesswork out of it so you can run your business efficiently, effectively and legally.

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Get everything you need upfront and spread your set up costs across 6 months PLUS unlimited legal advice to keep your start-up business protected and on track.

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Ready to kickstart your business? As a leading start-up lawyer in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane, we have designed our Legal Unlimited packages, which are tailor-made for start-ups! Get all the expert advice and high-quality legal services you need to set your business up for success, all at an affordable price on a subscription basis. Call now to enquire!

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    Start-up Business Frequently Asked Questions

    It is a legal requirement that you have a registered business name if you are trading as any other name other than your Pty Ltd company name (or other registered organisation name) or your personal name.  This allows consumers to be confident that they can ultimately determine with whom they are doing business.  Fines can apply if you are trading under a name that is not your personal name, company name or registered business name.

    It’s important to ensure that your employment terms and conditions are consistent with the Australian workplace laws, which may include specific Awards applicable to the roles.  Additionally, depending on the size of your business, you may wish to have policies such as social media policies; more recently, businesses have included AI policies and, of course, codes of conduct that outline acceptable behaviour.

    We like to use this analogy – you could possibly learn how to do a tooth filling on YouTube, but you go to a dentist.  You also have an accountant who does your taxes.  So, by the same token, it is recommended that if you are not an expert in legal matters, you consult a lawyer to ensure that you are set up and protected right from the start.  Sometimes saving money in the short term can cost you significantly more down the track. For example, if you don’t register your trade mark correctly, you could have a copycat steal your brand from under you, resulting in the need to rebrand, or if you don’t register your design for your product, you may lose the ability to do so in the future.  Additionally, we often see shareholder disputes arise when businesses don’t address the corporate governance matters at the beginning of their relationship.

    The best way is to speak with a lawyer to confirm what rights you need to register. Often, clients are not aware of the correct mode of IP protection required for their intellectual property. For example, a drawing or photograph is automatically protected by copyright laws, but this may not provide sufficient protection as a trade mark if someone were to create their own independent but similar logo for a competing business.

    Having a documented agreement with both your suppliers and customers minimises the risks of misunderstandings, can protect your rights and also limit your liability.  For example, you may wish to include a clause in your manufacturing agreement as to how the rejected stock is dealt with – for example, is your supplier free to sell rejected items on AliExpress, or if they include your brand or are a bespoke product do you require that they are handed over or destroyed?  These types of matters, and more, are dealt with in documented agreements.  If they are not documented, then matters may be missed, or it will be a case of ‘he said/she said’ if a dispute arises.

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