Are your product claims and packaging compliant with consumer law?

Are your product claims and packaging compliant with consumer law?

I love to cook!  I love the aromas of using different herbs and spices, and if pushed for time as a busy working mum, I often use the herbs and spices that you find in the jars at the supermarket.  So, I was disappointed to read that one of the well-known Australian spice brands had been less than upfront about the contents of the spice jars.

Hoyt’s Food has paid a $10,800 penalty after the ACCC issued an infringement notice on the basis that it had reasonable grounds to believe that Hoyt’s Food had made false or misleading representations under the Australian Consumer Law.  The ACCC tested a sample from Hoyt’s Oregano leaves, finding that the product contained around fifty per cent olive leaf.

The ACCC said that by including statements on the packaging such as ‘Oregano Leaves’ and ‘Oregano has a strong aromatic camphor like scent’, Hoyt’s Food made representations that the product only contained oregano except for trace ingredients.

Hoyt’s Food has since taken steps to look into its supply arrangements and has indicated that it would test its oregano products in the future.

It is important when developing products, that you have well-drafted contracts with your suppliers to ensure that they are producing goods that meet your quality expectations and that if they are not doing so, that you have a means to correct the issue.

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