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Protect your business from an unwanted data breach with an expertly written privacy policy for your website

Privacy Policy for Website

We understand that businesses are gathering more data now than ever before and often through their website. You may be using data, not only to market to existing customers, but to predict future customers and future shopping habits. When customers visit your website, they entrust you with protecting their personal information.

However, are you prepared for when things go wrong?

This is where a Privacy Policy become critical. It acts as a safety net to protect your business and outline your rights, responsibilities, liabilities and limitations. A Privacy Policy acts as a legal contract between your business and those who visit your website, and should be tailored meet your obligations under Australian and International Privacy Laws.

Gladwin Legal are expert commercial lawyers specialising in retail. From e-commerce and small business to national franchises, data protection has never been more important. Call now for a free consultation with one of our privacy policy lawyers - you're in safe hands.

A privacy policy typically contains the following clauses:

  • The type of information collected by your website;
  • Use of cookies;
  • Use of Google Analytics;
  • The purpose for collecting the data;
  • Data storage, security and access;
  • Details of data transfers;
  • How to file a complaint or access the data;
  • Affiliated websites or organizations (third parties included)
  • Compliance with EU GDPR laws and California Consumer Privacy Act;
  • Disclaimer, Limitation of Liability and release and indemnity.

The Gladwin Legal team can assist with:

  • Drafting a tailored, comprehensive Privacy Policy;
  • Reviewing and amending an existing Privacy Policy;
  • Advising on any issues that arise as a result of your Privacy Policy;
  • Preparing tailored clauses depending on what you specific concerns are.

Regardless of the safeguards put in place to protect personal information, it is impossible to completely alleviate the risk of a data breach. For this reason, your Privacy Policy should have a clear plan outlining how to deal with any data breach. This removes the ambiguity regarding how to deal with breaches and encourages customer trust and goodwill.

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