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In this modern age, businesses need to embrace technology and the Internet to grow.  With more and more customers looking online to make a purchase, it is more important than ever for retailers to get their online legal documents in excellent shape with clear, unambiguous policies.

We are experts in the e-commerce retail space. From basic website terms and conditions of use to shopping terms for fashion retailers and terms of use for online service providers such as voucher or dating websites, we can assist. We have helped e-commerce retailers all over Australia with carefully drafted privacy policies and terms and conditions for their online shopping websites.

With a background in retail, our team is very commercially savvy. We understand the need to grow your business while ensuring you are protected at all times. Because we’re specialists in retail, we get the fast-moving nature of the industry and the need for quick response times. We’re easy to deal with because we make things easy. We speak in plain English and offer practical, cost effective solutions.

We can also assist with the ever-changing privacy space and can draft privacy policies in consideration of any global markets you may sell to in addition to Australia.

For a free consultation and peace of mind about Website Term & Conditions or Privacy Policies, get in touch with Gladwin Legal. We’re here to help.

Gladwin Legal's e-commerce lawyers can assist you with

  • Website terms and conditions
  • Online shopping terms and conditions
  • Online shipping/delivery policies
  • Online return policies
  • Privacy Policies

Were you looking for assistance with your IT agreements, such as website platform, licences or hosting agreements?  We can help with those too: click here for our IT Services practice area.