Not-so-flushable wipes?

Not-so-flushable wipes?

Pental Limited and Pental Products Pty Ltd (Pental) have been ordered to pay penalties amounting to $700,000 for making false and misleading representations regarding its “flushable” toilet and bathroom cleaning wipes under its White King brand.

The “flushable” wipes had statements on its packaging and promotional materials that suggested that they would be suitable to be flushed into the sewerage system, when this was not the case.  The wipes are not suitable for flushing down the toilet and can cause blockages in the sewage system.

If you make any claims relating to your products, ensure that they do not create an overall misleading impression about your products and their features and capabilities.  Always ensure you have evidence to substantiate any claims you make about your products in case you need it!

It is always best to get any marketing or branding materials signed off by a qualified and experienced lawyer before you spend the money producing and promoting the products.  You could be at risk of making false and misleading statements if you are not careful about the way you word and market your products – and the penalties for such conduct can be very high as in this case.

If you would like assistance in reviewing your advertising or marketing statements or product branding and packaging from an experienced retail lawyer, please do not hesitate to contact me on  or call me at 1300 033 934 for a no-obligation quote.