No Relief for Nurofen

No Relief for Nurofen

The ACCC has initiated proceedings against Reckitt Benckiser (Australia) Pty Ltd, the company behind Nurofen Specific Pain tablets for allegedly making false or misleading claims.

The company made representations on both packing and the product website, that 4 products: Nurofen Back Pain, Migraine Pain, Period Pain and Tension Headache all targeted specific types of pain, when in fact the products were all formulated identically.

Furthermore, the Specific Pain products were priced significantly higher than most other general pain relief products. This may support the ACCC’s case, as it adds to the “overall representation” given to consumers and that the conduct misled consumers to believe that the product is specially formulated.

The case is still in progress.

This is a good reminder that not only do the claims you make on your packaging need to factually accurate but also the way in which your packaging communicates must not be misleading.

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