No Refunds?  Not OK

No Refunds?  Not OK.

My clients often ask me to review their returns policies.  Its important to remember that in setting your returns policies, you cannot contract out of your obligations under the law.

NSW Fair Trading officers recently visited over 560 retail stores in NSW and found that one in five retailers denied consumer refund rights in signs on shop windows and receipts.  Under the Australian Consumer Law, consumers have a right to a refund for faulty products or those which are not fit for purpose.  These guarantee provisions cannot be contracted out of or excluded.  It is illegal to claim that consumers do not have a right to a refund.

Retailers should be careful to ensure that their refund policies are compliant with Australian Consumer Law, particularly as penalties can be expensive.  Additionally, having a clear, transparent refund policy provides customers with peace of mind.  A good refund experience may increase goodwill and encourage customer purchases.

I’ve helped many businesses, from reputable fashion companies to start-ups with their refund policies.  If you need assistance in drafting a tailored refund policy, give me a call on 1300 033 934 or email me at  for a no obligation chat.

Source: Choice