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Pre-define your negotiations with clarity and confidentiality

Need an expert retail lawyer to draft your memorandum of understanding? We’ve had years of experience drafting and negotiating memoranda of understanding that allow parties to navigate commercial transactions, relationships or deals while maintaining legal protections.

As specialists in retail law, we get the importance of defining parameters and having absolute clarity prior to negotiating. We draft a memorandum of understanding with savvy and pragmatism, and it doesn’t have to cost the earth. We’re very easy to work with and pride ourselves on accuracy, fast response times and excellent commercial outcomes.

A well-drafted memorandum of understanding is clear as to which parts are binding and which are non-binding so that you are not prematurely locked into a commercial arrangement. It also sets out the terms, or rules, for moving the arrangement forwards including avenues to cease negotiations if something is not right. They also include protections for your business for any confidential and sensitive information that you may wish to disclose during the course of your discussions.

Having a clear set of rules between the parties is critically important so that everyone is ‘up front’ about where discussions are heading and what the parameters are of any negotiation. A memorandum of understanding can be used if you are considering a commercial transaction, a business deal, fundraising, joint venture, partnership or any other arrangement involving another party.

For a free consultation and peace of mind about drafting a memorandum of understanding, get in touch with Gladwin Legal. We’re here to help.

Gladwin Legal's commercial lawyers can assist you with

  • Drafting a Memorandum of Understanding
  • Negotiating a Memorandum of Understanding
  • Turning a Memorandum of Understanding into a lasting agreement
  • Letters of intent

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