Marc Jacobs Seeing Stripes

Marc Jacobs Seeing Stripes?

Sports brand, Adidas, has filed a lawsuit against fashion brand, Marc Jacobs for trademark infringement and a number of other infringements such as deceptive trade practices relating to their use of stripes in a tracksuit design.  It is claimed that the Marc Jacob‘s design is ”likely to cause confusion” and “deceive the public” due to it’s similarity to the distinctive Adidas ’Three-Stripe Mark’.

Adidas is seeking monetary damages, including some in the form of a disgorgement of profits and punitive damages, and an injunction preventing Marc Jacobs from marketing and selling the allegedly infringing product.

In order to avoid costly penalties, it is important that any new products you introduce into your business are not infringing existing trade marks.  If you have not yet protected your brand by registering trade marks or are concerned about your intellectual property rights, contact Gladwin Legal today (, 1300 033 934) for a no obligation quote.