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Do you manufacture products or work with manufacturers? Our specialised commercial lawyers can help.

Understanding manufacturing is fundamental to understanding retail.  We work with many businesses that manufacture their own products and many businesses that are suppliers to retailers.  We are experts in drafting manufacturing and supply contracts and advising on the best way to minimise your risk and ensure the contract will work to protect your interests.

If you don’t know where to start, all you have to do is get in touch with us and provide us with details about how your business works.  We will provide free initial consultation to understand what legal issues relate to your business including what contracts you need and what relevant regulations or compliance issues may apply to your situation.

For a free consultation and peace of mind about your manufacturing agreements or compliance, get in touch with our expert commercial contract lawyers at Gladwin Legal. We’re here to help.

Gladwin Legal's manufacturing contract lawyers can assist you with

  • Design and manufacturing agreements
  • Compliance and mandatory standards
  • Trading terms
  • Supply agreements
  • Credit terms with a guarantee and indemnity (where a retailer is offering sale of goods on credit)

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer fixed fees for the drafting of agreements, including manufacturing and supply agreements.

However, it can be more difficult to estimate costs of negotiations and compliance requirements as these may depend on the commercial elements to be discussed and agreed upon. Please contact us for a no-obligation quote.

If you are planning on manufacturing products yourself, there are many issues that arise including the development of your intellectual property and products, potentially hire of equipment for manufacture (and review of these hire agreements), leasing of factories, warehouses and storage facilities, agreements with your raw materials providers and then you need agreements with your distributors, wholesalers.  You will also need to consider compliance requirements of your products, including any mandatory standards.  As it is such a broad area, we suggest getting in touch with us for an initial quote to identify key issues for your business.

In addition to clear payment terms, it is important to consider how non-delivery, late delivery, and the delivery of faulty goods may affect your business and your relationship with your customers.  It is best to specifically outline the process that will occur should the above issues occur and what compensation you will receive.

Your customer agreements should also be consistent with your supplier agreements, so it is best to get a full picture of your processes before having these documents drafted.