Legal risk in businesses

Legal risk in businesses

Does your business sell goods or services?

If you answered yes (we bet that most of you did), your business has some degree of legal risk.  Every business faces legal risk – the key is to minimise these risks by identifying them early on so that you can give yourself the best possibility of smoothly resolving them.

For example, if you sell goods or services – you must ensure that you comply with the Australian Consumer Law in your returns, shipping and shopping terms and conditions.  It is not only important to have clear procedures in place for your customers, but also your employees so that you are not inadvertently in breach of consumer law by their conduct in enforcing your policies.

If you manufacture goods, it is always important to check that you are compliant with any mandatory standards that apply and ensure to protect your intellectual property rights and trade mark the brands that you market your goods under.

There are many other ways in which your business can reduce your legal risk.  Gladwin Legal offers a free Legal Health Check service which you can easily complete online.  It contains a series of questions about your business and helps you to not only identify the risks, but provide measures to reduce this risk to your business.

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