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Joint Venture Agreement

Need the assistance of an expert Joint Venture lawyer in Sydney or Melbourne? Our expert legal team at Gladwin Legal can help draft your Joint Venture Agreement and help you stay protected.

It is important to document the terms of the relationship as, with any business relationship, there are many interests involved and to ensure that there is clarity about what each party is providing to the joint venture and what they are to receive.  Having the arrangements clearly documented at the beginning of the relationship can give you a tool to navigate the operation of the joint venture and can avoid disputes arising.

There are many different structures that can be used for a business. A common way for parties to do business together is by forming a joint venture. A Joint Venture Contract is an arrangement where 2 or more parties (individuals or companies) collaborate towards the same goal, whilst maintaining their own separate businesses.

Our JV agreement lawyers have extensive experience in drafting, reviewing and advising on Joint Venture Agreements. For expert advice and a free online consultation, contact our Joint Venture Agreement solicitors today at .

Our team at Gladwin Legal are commercial lawyers and experts in retail. We can advise you on all aspects of Joint Venture Agreements to ensure your partnership succeeds with the best possible legal protections while growing confidently and quickly. Call Gladwin Legal today.

What topics may be included in a joint venture agreement?

  • The parties involved;
  • What each party is going to contribute to the relationship (whether monetary or skill based);
  • How marketing matters are dealt with and who owns intellectual property;
  • Confidentiality;
  • Ownership of IP; and
  • How termination will occur.

Our Joint Venture Agreement Lawyers can assist you with:

  • preparing a heads of agreement prior to entering into your joint venture agreement;
  • drafting a new joint venture agreement;
  • negotiating a joint venture agreement;
  • reviewing and amending an existing joint venture agreement; and
  • advising on conflicts that arise between parties.

Whatever your joint venture looks like, our Joint Venture solicitors will keep your interests protected. Seeking assitance with Partnership Agreements? We do that too!

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