Increase Your Growth: Launch a Private Label

Increase Your Growth: Launch a Private Label

We previously wrote about the benefits of diversifying your brand to have wider appeal or to apply to additional goods and services (see here for previous article).

A great example of a brand that knows the benefits of private label and diversifying brands is Kogan.  A recent article reports that Kogan is entering the grocery market with Kogan Pantry after launching four new private label brands last year.

Kogan Pantry offers over 600 products, allowing consumers to have it delivered to their door. According to the company’s executive director, David Shafer, the new service aims to leverage off of the brand, which offers “quality products at massive discounts” with discounted grocery and household items.

It’s a great idea to seek legal advice when starting a new brand to ensure that you are not breaching anyone else’s’ intellectual property and to ensure you are properly protected.

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Source: The Australian