How safe are your products

How safe are your products?

A reminder of the importance of having a good compliance program. Having checks and balances in place can help will identify products that are covered by Mandatory Standards.

Recently the ACCC issued an infringement notice to Toys R Us requiring the payment of a $10,200 penalty as a result of one of their cots not meeting the Mandatory Standards.

Toys R Us were also required to recall the cots and arrange for collection and refunds for their customers.

When supplying goods to Australian consumers its important to ensure that they comply with ACCC guidelines and safety requirements

Some products, when sold to Australian consumers, are required to comply with the ACCC’s Mandatory Standards. If a company is found to be selling products that don’t comply, the ACCC can take a range of actions, including issuing a penalty notice.

Toys R Us was recently issued with a penalty notice for selling cots that did not comply with the Mandatory Standard, requiring them to pay $10,200 and to arrange for refunds and collection of their customers cots.

The ACCC, when considering its course of action will look at a company’s compliance program to consider whether it has policies and procedures in place to prevent unsafe goods getting to market.