How private labels can increase your sales

How private labels can increase your sales

Want to give fresh, new life to your business and increase your sales?  Starting a private label may be the answer.

Sales for department store David Jones were strong last Christmas, according to South African retailer Woolworths Holdings in its recent interim financial report, with sales increasing by 11.2 per cent compared to the previous year.

The company suggests that much of the growth has to do with the expansion of their private label brands.  It can be tricky to get the mix of national and private label brand right, however for businesses that do, it can be a financial success.

Creating your own private label can help you to bring your products to a new market and it also allows you to leverage off your current brand value.

Don’t forget to protect your private label branding and products under intellectual property law – private labels can be particularly susceptible to copycats and imitations, especially those that choose to differentiate on brand rather than product design.

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