Gladwin Legal turns three

Gladwin Legal turns three!

It is crazy how time flies by – it has been three years since I decided to take the plunge, going from a salaried employee (after just over a decade in private practice and in house) to start my retail-specialised law firm Gladwin Legal.   I am tremendously passionate about retail and am immensely proud of my clients and all that they have achieved whilst I have worked with them.

It has been an amazing experience watching the firm grow, seeing my wonderful clients reach new heights and balancing life as a busy business-owner and mother of now two young boys.

With Gladwin Legal reaching its third anniversary, I am so excited to continue providing accessible, high quality work to my clients and I look forward to many more Gladwin Legal anniversaries to come.

I would also love to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to all my precious clients and referrers!