FREE DOWNLOADABLE: Retail Head Office & HR Manager Action Plan for COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

It is a difficult time for all retailers, but in this volatile situation, Retail HR Managers are in a particularly tough position, where there is little clear guidance or regulation on how to deal with employees and stores.

We have prepared a FREE “Retail Head Office & HR Manager Action Plan” document below, which goes hand in hand with our earlier free download “Retail Store Hygiene Guidelines (COVID-19)“.  Please feel welcome to share or circulate this with your HR and management staff.

Click here to download the PDF: Retail Head Office & HR Manager Action Plan for COVID-19 (Coronavirus) or view it below.

If you have any other questions in relation to your liability or next steps to manage the COVID-19 situation, please call us on 1300 033 934 or email Rosalyn at

The content in this article is current as at the date of publication, however the severity and government response in relation to COVID-19 situation is changing rapidly. It is your responsibility to keep up to date with the situation regularly and seek professional advice.