Why is your Trade Promotion Blocked by Facebook?

Running a trade promotion is a common marketing technique to increase brand exposure and generate interest in particular products. Utilising Facebook for trade promotions has become crucial for businesses of every scale, given the platform’s extensive user base and versatile advertising tools. However, it’s important to note that trade promotions are subject to stringent regulation by state governments, particularly when advertised. Consequently, numerous businesses are facing unexpected barriers as Facebook blocks their trade promotions. This post aims to explore the underlying reasons for these restrictions and offer guidance on avoiding such obstacles. 


We also have one key tip that will stop Facebook from blocking your trade promotion ads! 


General Rules for Advertising a Trade Promotion in Victoria 

The Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor, the governing body in Victoria, has issued the following guidelines concerning promotional content for trade promotions. 

Promotional content should not:

  • encourage gambling or promote irresponsible gambling; 
  • suggest that entering the promotion will improve an individual’s financial position and prospects; or 
  • suggest that an individual’s skill will impact the outcome of a game of the chance.

All promotional content should include the following:

  • the closing date of the lottery; 
  • where and when the lottery will be drawn; 
  • the name and date of the publication of the winning entrant; and 
  • the lottery entry requirements. 


Understanding the Facebook Block: What’s Happening?

A primary cause of a Facebook ad account being blocked is the breach of Facebook’s Advertising Policies. These guidelines aim to establish a secure and favourable environment for users. They encompass various aspects, such as prohibited content, restricted content, ad targeting, and more. In the event that your advertisements contravene these policies, your account or ad could face restrictions.


Following Australian Consumer Law 

The ACCC enforces rigorous regulations on business advertising, emphasizing the importance of honesty and prohibiting deceptive practices. More specifically, when advertising trade promotions, businesses must also be aware that it is illegal to advertise gifts, prizes, or free items to boost the sale of goods, services, or land if:

  • the business has no intention of providing it 
  • the business fails to provide it as offered 
  • it isn’t provided within the time specified, or 
  • if no time is specified, within a reasonable time. 


Strategies for Success: Moving Forward with your Trade Promotion

To prevent your trade promotion from being barred by Facebook, it’s crucial to ensure that your advertisement aligns with the guidelines established by its regulatory body, the Australian Consumer Law, and Facebook’s Advertising Policies. 

So here it is. Our key tip is that, generally, providing a letter from your lawyer once submitted to Facebook should give them comfort that you are not falling foul of the gaming and gambling requirements and are in fact conducting a trade promotion.


Key takeaways 

  • Trade promotions are subject to stringent regulation by state governments. 
  • Trade promotion ads on Facebook should comply with the guidelines outlined by its designated regulatory body, the Australian Consumer Law, and Facebook’s advertising policies. 


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