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Need a specialist employment contract lawyer to assist your retail business? Our practical, commercial approach and in-depth experience of drafting employment agreements make us the employment lawyers of choice for the retail industry.

Employment LawFull-time, part-time, casual or contractors, the nature of the relationship between you and those who work for you can have a large impact on obligations to each other and the enforceability of employment contracts. Employment law can often be complex, as even a contractor can be considered an employee, depending on the nature of the relationship. Getting specialist employment law advice to meet the needs of your retail business is an important part of managing good employee relations.

Our extensive experience in retail employment law includes writing and reviewing HR policies, full-time, part-time, independent contractor and casual employment contracts, dealing with employment disputes and termination of employment, and informing clients about industrial relations law. We can help you to define relationships with your employees by explaining the practical implications of an employment contract. We also work with you to develop an understanding of the obligations you owe to your employees, including those under any award or enterprise bargaining agreement. Finally, we can assist in ensuring you avoid unlawful or unfair dismissal claims.

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Gladwin Legal's employment contract lawyers can assist you with

  • Employment agreements
  • Modern Awards and Enterprise Bargaining Agreements
  • HR Policies (Code of Conduct, Internet and Social Media Policies, Employee Benefits Policy, Customer Returns Guidelines)
  • Restraint of trade and non-solicitation
  • Unfair dismissal and unlawful termination
  • Workplace bullying/harassment

Frequently Asked Questions

A contractor typically bills for work done, whereas an employee is paid for the time worked. The distinction is important to make as contractor employment agreements do not need to include superannuation entitlements, occupational health and safety compliance, and taxation requirements. These need to be included for an employment agreement with an employee, adding additional costs to the employer.

It is important to consider the nature of the relationship and work performed, in determining whether your contractor would be considered an employee. Signs that your contractor could be considered an employee include, the degree of control you have over the work performed, whether the contractor wears uniform with your logo and whether you deduct payments from the contractors salaries.

There are many considerations in preparing an employment agreement, for example, whether it is a contractor or employment arrangement, whether the Fair Work Act applies and whether any modern award or enterprise bargaining agreement applies. As such, costs can vary depending on both legal requirements and your own views about how the employment relationship should work.

We offer fixed fees for preparing employment agreements. Please contact us for an obligation-free quote.

Whether you are able to terminate an employee will depend on a number of factors, including your employment agreement and any requirements under the Fair Work Act or applicable modern award or enterprise bargaining agreement.

There are certain notice requirements, entitlements that may be required to be paid out and potential risks regarding unfair dismissal or other forms of unlawful termination. It is important to obtain legal advice before terminating an employee to ensure that relevant procedures are being complied with.