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Gladwin Legal are expert e-commerce lawyers

Specialist E-Commerce Lawyers

As specialists in online consumer law and retail terms, we get the fast-moving nature of the industry and the need for quick response times. We’re easy to deal with because we skip the legal jargon and communicate with you clearly and promptly so you get the most practical and cost-effective solutions. With extensive experience in online business law, our team make it easier than ever for you to sell your goods and services on the internet.

Expert E-Commerce Legal Advice

Our E-Commerce Lawyers understand that protecting the privacy & data for business as you grow online is paramount to success, as is knowing your obligations and rights as an online seller.

Gladwin Legal’s e-commerce lawyers can assist you with:

  • Website terms and conditions
  • Online shopping terms and conditions
  • Online shipping/delivery policies
  • Online return policies
  • Privacy policies
  • Contracts

We can also draft privacy policies and legal documents  in consideration of any global markets you may sell to outside of Australia, so you get complete peace of mind.

Looking for assistance with your IT Agreements, such as website platforms, licences or hosting agreements? We can help with those too!

E-Commerce Law for Online Retailers 

In this modern age, businesses need to embrace technology and the Internet to grow.  With more and more customers looking online to make a purchase, it is more important than ever for retailers to get their online legal documents in excellent shape with clear, unambiguous policies.

Our E-commerce lawyers are experts in the e-commerce retail space and will make sure your online marketplace  complies with the Australian Consumer Law and the Privacy Act.  From basic commercial website terms and conditions, to shopping terms for fashion retailers and terms of use for online service providers such as voucher or dating websites, we can assist. Having helped e-commerce retailers all over Australia, you can count on Gladwin Legal for carefully drafted privacy policies and terms and conditions for online shopping websites.

Fast, Effective and Affordable Online Legal Advice

Unlike traditional lawyers, we are specialists in commercial law. We offer tailored e-commerce law packages so you can get legal advice on demand that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

We’re all about supporting Australian retailers online, so you can feel confident you’re getting the best advice at the best price without the long wait times.

Don’t leave your online business liable! Ensure you’ve got all your bases covered and that you’re meeting your legal obligations as an e-commerce retailer by contacting Gladwin Legal today.

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