Do you want more website sales?

When considering accessibility, most people would consider wheelchair ramps and accessible toilets and tactile and audible elevator signals for those with vision impairment. But have you considered the accessibility of your website?

Is your website accessible?

In considering accessibility, ask yourself the question – can individuals with hearing or vision impairments use and navigate your website?

In the US, there has been a recent spike in legal claims against companies for the inaccessibility of their websites. For example, Hulu, Target, Toys R Us and Netflix have all faced lawsuits due to website inaccessibility issues.

We live in a digital age, where nearly everything is online, from internet banking, booking accommodation and applying for jobs, to buying new shoes, accessing government benefits and even remote working.

Although Australia does not currently have equivalent laws, with the continued growth of Internet use and its prevalence in everyday life, it is perhaps only a matter of time.

What does an “accessible” website look like?

Coding which enables software to convert words to audio, videos to include subtitles, interactive functions usable through keyboard commands and images coded with word descriptions. Beyond this are considerations of contrast for those who are colour blind or the ability to increase or decrease text size for the vision impaired.

Accessibility best practice

Legislation aside, companies should strive to provide the greatest means of accessibility to their websites. Website accessibility not only helps tackle internet discrimination but increases your number of potential clients! Whether you are a clothing retailer or restaurant, you may be missing out on sales due to inaccessibility of your website.

It is best to ensure that any IT services agreement you have with a web developer provides you with warranties relating to quality of the final product and costs and whether the product will be accessible to all of your target clients. 

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