Do you have an Intellectual Property Officer

Do you have an Intellectual Property Officer?

An increasing number of companies are recognising the importance of intellectual property (IP) as a core asset to their business, by introducing dedicated Intellectual Property Officers (or a Chief Intellectual Property Officer – CIPO) into the office.

A lack of IP knowledge in company executives, particularly in the online and retail sector, can lead to complete mismanagement of your brand and innovations, stunting the growth of your business. This can have a direct affect on your bottom line and the value of your business. It is often a confusing process, as the IP area requires many decisions to be made regarding the licensing, enforcement and exclusivity of your IP.

For those companies that do not have the luxury of resources to implement a CIPO, Gladwin Legal can act as your outsourced, in-house IP lawyer. We love working with a range of businesses to provide a unique view on how to approach and protect your IP depending on your company’s goals and vision for the future.

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