Did you say ‘free’?!

Did you say ‘free’?!

I couldn’t call myself a retail law expert if I didn’t love keeping a close eye on the retail market and engage in a little not-so-guilty shopping myself.

So, when I heard that MAC cosmetics was offering free full-sized lipsticks for National Lipstick Day, I was very excited!  Free giveaways create lots of interest – in fact, people were lining up outside Myer and David Jones around Australia (and at international stores) to get their hands on one.

In a similar fashion, pizza chain Domino’s recently gave away 10,001 free pizzas to launch their new premium range.

One thing that both companies had in common in their giveaways was the fact that customers had to provide their contact details.  This is a clever way to build your marketing list while garnering attention from social media, radio and news outlets.

As with anything, we always recommend that you include terms and conditions of entry that make it clear what you are using customer details for, that the giveaway is subject to availability and that your liability is limited.

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