Designer pasta? Dolce and Gabbana producing limited edition pasta

Designer pasta? Dolce and Gabbana producing limited edition pasta

It is always so exciting when an established brand decides to enter into a new market.  For example, a clothing brand entering the shoe market or a skincare brand entering the cosmetics market – but some brands take a more adventurous, unconventional approach.

Iconic luxury fashion brand, Dolce and Gabbana recently launched their Spring 2018 collection that showcased Italian-food inspired patterns and motifs including canned tomatoes and pasta.

Dolce and Gabbana have taken the season’s designs to the next level by collaborating with Italian pasta maker Pastificio di Martino to launch limited-edition pasta and an apron.

When collaborating with another brand, it is important to ensure that you have a contract in place to outline the scope and nature of your relationship with that brand and manage potential risk – particularly if the other brand is manufacturing products under your brand name!

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