Cyber Resilience: Manage your risk

Cyber Resilience: Manage your risk

Online security has been a big topic this year, but many businesses are unsure what their first step should be to protect their online assets.  As a result of a lack of know-how, many businesses overlook the very real risks associated with online activity.

To help ease some of the confusion, ASIC has published a Cyber Resilience Health Check which outlines some key questions and considerations that businesses should ask themselves to recognise and manage cyber risk.  It is particularly important as many businesses are required by law to review and update their online security.

Cyber resilience is defined as “the ability to prepare for, respond to and recover from a cyber attack”.  The concept differs from traditional prevention and response measures, as it also considers a business’s “ability to operate during, and to adapt and recover” from a cyber attack.

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Source: ASIC