Mandatory vaccinations: Can I collect my employees’ private information?

Victorian workers are soon to be back on-site, according to the Government Roadmap. Mandatory vaccinations are required for most people returning to the workplace under Government Directions released on Thursday 7 October 2021. This article summarises what information you need to collect, and how your business can ensure legal compliance.   What are the mandatory […]

NSW COVID-19 Freedoms: What are the vaccination rules for businesses?

The long-awaited date of 11 October 2021 has arrived, where fully vaccinated people in NSW can now access all open businesses. This article provides a summary of the vaccination rules and your obligations as a business-owner upon reopening.   Who can enter my business premises? Fully vaccinated customers can enter your business premises, that is, […]

COVID-19 rent relief now available for Victorian businesses: Are you eligible?

COVID-19 rent relief is now available for eligible tenants in Victoria under the Commercial Tenancy Relief Scheme Regulations 2021, effective as of 24 August 2021. The legislation affects many commercial lease agreements, and landlords and tenants are urged to begin negotiations immediately to avoid being shut out of rent relief. Parties to commercial leases are […]

COVID-19 rent relief updates: How does this affect my commercial lease in Victoria?

The Victorian Government has introduced new legislation regarding commercial leases impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Under the Commercial Tenancy Relief Scheme Act 2021, which passed both houses of Parliament on 5 August 2021, commercial tenants who have experienced a loss in turnover of more than 30 per cent during the pandemic may be eligible for […]

Workplace rights: Can I require my staff to be vaccinated against COVID-19?

As Australia continues to fight COVID-19, businesses are seeking clarity on mandatory coronavirus vaccinations. This article explains the legal framework surrounding COVID-19 vaccinations in the workplace, and employers’ rights and obligations under the law.   Can an employer require an employee to be vaccinated? Generally, receiving a vaccination is voluntary. However, whether employers can require […]

COVID-19 Vaccinations and the Workplace: How do I comply with privacy law?

Many businesses are still facing the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021. As the vaccine continues to rollout, businesses should ensure that they are complying with privacy law in regard to employee health information and vaccination status. The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner released a set of guidelines on 23 February 2021 […]

How do I prepare my office for a return from COVID-19?

With most Australian workplaces enforcing a working from home policy, including it being mandatory requirement for those living in Victoria’s stage 4 restrictions, it is fair to say the modern day workplace norm has shifted. However, it may be time to think about what your workplace will look like once the Covid-19 curve has been […]

Advertising during COVID-19 – Lorna Jane fined almost $40,000 by the TGA

A series of recent enforcement actions by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), including the commencement of legal proceedings against Lorna Jane for their “anti-virus activewear, demonstrates that the TGA is treating advertising breaches related to Covid-19 as a top priority. Lorna Jane allegedly claimed that its ‘anti-virus activewear’ prevents and protects against infectious diseases with […]

RETAIL LAW UPDATE: COVID-19 SME Guarantee Scheme extension

The Treasurer has announced a post-September tailoring of the Covid-19 SME Guarantee Scheme to serve more businesses. The Scheme will be available for new loans made by participating lenders until the new extended deadline of 30 June 2021. It will now also allow banks to provide low-interest rate loans of up to $1 million for terms of […]

FREE DOWNLOADABLE: 5 OH&S Tips For Returning to Work after COVID-19

As the more restrictive stages of the Covid-19 self-isolation period eases, some workplaces are likely considering the option to resume in-office work with their employees. This creates new and unconsidered obligations on employers to implement extra safety procedures to safeguard the health and wellbeing of their employees. Employees are looking towards their employers, now more […]