FREE DOWNLOADABLE: Retail Store Hygiene Guidelines (COVID-19)

Retailers cannot simply just ask store staff to work from home.  How can a store manager manage a store from the kitchen table?  We get that.

If your team (or customers) contract Coronavirus, you risk having stores closed, losing income and having a workers compensation claim made.

As such, putting in place as many preventative measures as possible not only keeps your staff and customers safe, but also helps to protect your income and business and reduce your liability in the worst case scenario.

We have prepared a user friendly “Retail Store Hygiene Guidelines” document.  This is a FREE download.  You are welcome to, and we encourage you to, share or circulate this with your retail staff.

Download Retail Store Hygiene Guidelines (COVID-19/Coronavirus)

If you would like a tailored document including specific details relating to your business, branding etc, we are currently offering to provide these for a fixed fee of $250 plus GST. If you are interested, email or call us on 1300 033 934. 

Could a store closure tip your business over the edge?

Some clients have chosen to close their retail store, but have allowed for phone, email and online orders and pickup/delivery, even though this was not their usual practice.  Whilst this may not be viable for some retailers, this is particularly relevant for those in the food industry (consider fish shops, butchers, fruiterers).

This step protects your staff and business as a whole as an infection in the store would mean that the entire store would need to close and stock would need to be thrown out.  By allowing for alternative options, the business is able to continue to operate whilst minimising risk.

If you would like to know how we can help you, please do not hesitate to contact us at  or give us a call on 1300 033 934.

The content in this article is current as at the date of publication, however the severity and government response in relation to COVID-19 situation is changing rapidly. It is your responsibility to keep up to date with the situation regularly and seek professional advice.