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Need an expert corporate lawyer to help structure your retail business?

Our corporate lawyers can assist with all aspects of corporate law from setting up a company, or restructuring an existing one, to shareholders agreements, partnerships agreements and more. Whether yours is a new or existing company, we have the experience and expertise in the retail industry to set your business up for success while ensuring you remain protected.

CorporateIf you would like to set up a company entity, we can advise on what documentation will be required for your particular circumstances. For example, along with company registration we can prepare a shareholders agreement to clarify each shareholder’s obligations, requirements and how the shares must be dealt with if things go pear-shaped.

If you are selling a portion or the whole of your business or restructuring your business, we provide legal services from start to finish to ensure your interests are protected at all times.

We assist with all facets of corporate law, from drafting agreements, to meeting minutes and resolutions, to acting as your registered ASIC agent and notifying ASIC.

For a free consultation and peace of mind concerning corporate law, company structure or ASIC get in touch with our expert retail lawyers at Gladwin Legal. We’re here to help.

Gladwin Legal's corporate lawyers can assist you with

  • Buy/Sell Agreements
  • Notifying ASIC of relevant changes
  • Acting as ASIC registered agent
  • Company resolutions and consents

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that cost transparency is important to every business, which is why we offer reasonable fixed fees for the drafting of agreements.  For example, Shareholders Agreements, Share Sale Agreements, Buy-Sell Agreements, Subscription Agreements, Joint Venture or Partnership Agreements, company resolutions, ASIC notifications, sale of company agreements, etc.

The negotiation of agreements is charged at our usual hourly rates – calculated by the minute, not in 6-minute blocks!  Please contact us for a no-obligation quote.

If you have more than one shareholder in your company, we highly recommend having a tailored Shareholders Agreement in place to set out how the arrangement will work (for example, who will be running the business, making the business decisions, what happens if a shareholder goes MIA, what happens if a shareholder wishes to exit the company or sell shares). A Shareholders Agreement also outlines what decisions require board approval and can vary some elements of a company’s constitution to better suit the way they work.

It is always exciting to be involved in the early stages of starting a new company.  Although there will always be risk in lending money to a new company should it not succeed, if it does succeed then you must ensure that there are well-drafted agreements to ensure that you are paid back.

One way you could structure this is by purchasing shares in the company for the amount that you have put in which will be recorded as equity in the company. Alternatively, you could document the contribution as a loan.  The structure would also depend on your accounting and financial situation.  Depending on the manner in which the money is recorded, different agreements would be required.  For example, if it is a loan then you would need to have a Loan Agreement with the company.

We recommend obtaining independent financial advice to determine the best way to structure the contribution, then chat to us about what agreements you will need.