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Consumer Law Lawyers for the Retail Industry

With our unique understanding of the retail industry, we make the process of consumer law compliance easy by offering a range of consumer law and regulatory services. In addition to consumer protection legislation, we can provide advice relating to competition law and product safety.

Australian consumer law can be tricky to navigate, and the penalties and reputational damage of non-compliance with consumer law can be significant. That’s where Gladwin Legal comes in – we are experts in all things retail law, including regulatory.

Our clients have the clarity and peace of mind that comes with knowing their businesses are protected by specialist consumer law lawyers. We take the time to thoroughly assess your business operations to advise on the best way to minimise your risks and ensure your interests are protected.

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Quick, Compliant and Cost-Effective Consumer Law Advice

Whether you operate a small local business or corporate enterprise, understanding your legal rights and obligations is crucial. Our consumer lawyers provide flexible and cost-effective solutions that retailers can rely on.

As retail law experts, we have drafted and reviewed more online and in-store shopping terms and returns policies than we can count. Practical and cost-effective, our solutions are built on sound commercial acumen and designed so your business can succeed.

From ad hoc consumer law advice and consumer law compliance training to advertising, marketing and social media content sign-offs, we can help ensure you meet your consumer law obligations and protect you from liability and unnecessary risks.

We take the headache from your compliance and book a free consultation with our consumer law lawyers.

Protect your Business and Seller Rights With a Consumer Law Lawyer

Our consumer law lawyer can assist with:

  • Shopping/sales and POS terms and conditions
  • Extended or additional warranty terms and conditions
  • Returns, shipping and delivery policies
  • Gift card, credit note, lay-by policies
  • Coupon/discount and loyalty terms
  • Ethical or responsible sourcing policies
  • Misleading or deceptive conduct advice
  • Influencer, sponsorship and publicity agreements
  • Marketing, advertising and product packaging sign-off and guidelines
  • Consumer law compliance training for your team
  • Advising on and obtaining relevant licensing and permits
  • Competition law advice
  • Misleading representations advice

For a free consultation and peace of mind to ensure your marketing, advertising, and social media are compliant with Australian legislation, get in touch with the consumer law experts at Gladwin Legal on 1300 033 934. We’re here to help.

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    Consumer Law Frequently Asked Questions

    If the goods or services you have sold are defective, do not meet the descriptions or are not compliant with the Australian Consumer Law, you are required to offer a repair, replacement or refund to your customer. If it is not a major failure, you will first have the right of repair. The remedy available to your customer will depend on the circumstances, including the type of goods or service sold, the cost, the purchase date and the type of issue that has arisen.

    The ACL applies to digital products in exactly the same way that it does to physical products. If the digital products do not operate as represented or are defective, your customers may have a right to a refund, repair or replacement.

    When you sell any goods or services to a consumer there are a number of mandatory consumer guarantees that are automatically given by you to the consumer in accordance with the law.  You cannot contract out of these.  This means that you cannot provide an agreement or terms and conditions that will undermine the mandatory guarantees.  For example, I cannot sell a customer a television and say in my terms and conditions that “This television may have inferior quality to the one that you viewed in the store.”  Among other things you must ensure that the goods and services you sell are fit for purpose, free from defects and errors and are of an acceptable quality.

    It is against the law to say that you will not accept refunds. Any refund policy must comply with the law and permit a refund if there is an issue with the goods or services that have been sold. It’s important that if you have a refund policy, it is checked by a lawyer, as the ACCC has issued many fines for non-compliant refund policies.

    A warranty is an additional promise given to a customer by the seller or manufacturer.  For example, you may have seen some cookware that has a ‘lifetime’ guarantee to be non-stick.  A consumer guarantee is an automatic protection given to a consumer under the law.  It is important for a business to note that if they are going to be giving any warranties with their product, they do not limit the consumer guarantees or undermine them in any way – they may be expressed to be in addition to the consumer guarantees and include the mandatory wording required by the Australian Consumer Law.

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