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Commercial Confidentiality Lawyer for Retail Businesses

The globe is now a technology-driven economy and subsequently, the protection of data and privacy has become a key business risk. At Gladwin legal, we understand the importance of ensuring our clients have compliant and thorough data protection procedures and privacy policies in place.

As a leading confidentiality lawyer for businesses, we specialise in safeguarding your intellectual property and commercial interests through accurate, thorough and relevant confidentiality agreements and non-disclosure agreements (NDA). With the help of Gladwin Legal, you can feel confident that your business complies with Australian corporate law and regulations and your business is protected.

Gladwin Legal are specialist confidentiality agreement and non disclosure agreements lawyers for retailers

Leading Intellectual Property Lawyers

Whether you operate a small local business or large corporate enterprise, protecting you intellectual property and sensitive information is essential.

Here at Gladwin Legal, our intellectual property lawyers have had years of experience drafting carefully worded confidentiality agreements and non-disclosure agreements that protect the commercial interests of our retail clients.

Having a cast-iron confidentiality agreement in place is not only peace of mind for you, it gives you the freedom you need to discuss important confidential matters with employees, stakeholders, suppliers, clients and associates.

Need an expert IP lawyer to draft your confidentiality agreement or non-disclosure agreement? Gladwin Legal’s team of confidentiality lawyers can help.


Expertly Drafted Confidentiality Agreements and Non-Disclosure Agreements

Our non-disclosure agreement lawyers are specialists in all commercial confidentiality documents.

Information about your business is valuable, not only to you, but your competitors. To maintain the value of your confidential information you must plan ahead to prevent misuse and disclosure of your confidential information. A comprehensive confidentiality agreement or non-disclosure agreement sets out what information is confidential and for what purpose that information can and cannot be used.

Whether it is a secret recipe, business processes and strategies, or details of merger and acquisition negotiations, our team has considerable expertise in drafting confidentiality agreements for sensitive and confidential B2B dealings, including fundraising, sale negotiations and joint venture agreements.

Gladwin Legal’s Confidentiality Agreement Lawyers Can Assist You With:

  • Confidentiality agreements and deeds.
  • Confidentiality statements.
  • Intellectual Property Law.
  • Non-disclosure agreements.
  • Letters of intent.

Looking for assistance with Trademarks & Branding or Data & Privacy? Our team of retail lawyers are here to help.

Quick, Compliant and Cost-Effective Confidentiality Agreements and Non-Disclosure Agreements.

Our confidentiality lawyers have a wealth of expertise in managing compliance for the retail industry and offer award-winning, flexible and cost-effective confidentiality agreements and non-disclosure agreements for SME’s.

As a leading legal firm in in the retail industry, our understanding of intellectual property law is unrivalled. Take the headache out of your compliance and book a free consultation to organise your confidentiality agreements or non-disclosure agreements today. Call 1300 033 934.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that transparency and clarity in costs and legal fees is important to every business. For this reason, we offer fixed fees where possible, including for reviewing or drafting your retail agreements, such as your sales and POS terms and conditions or returns policies.

As regulatory compliance is a broad practice area, the cost of our services can vary depending on the scope of your matter. For advisory matters, we suggest getting in touch with us and we can provide an estimate of costs.

We can assist in the very early stages of establishing your business to draft compliant legal documents from the get-go, or you can engage us any time to review your existing practices.

We generally recommend annual reviews as the Australian Consumer Law is often changing.

The short answer is, most likely yes. If your store staff have made a representation to a customer that a product can do something or is suitable for their particular needs, then it is likely the case that you will be liable if the product does not meet those needs, under the Australian Consumer Law. There have been a number of cases where retailers have been hit with ACCC penalties for this kind of conduct so it is important to train your staff in compliance.

We offer compliance training and can draft easy-to-understand staff guidelines. If you are interested, contact us for a fixed fee quote.

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