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Retail and commercial lease lawyer

Expert Legal Advice for Commercial Lease Agreements

Need a retail and commercial lease lawyer to negotiate your lease agreement? Having a well-drafted lease over your retail or commercial premises is an important element of your business, and setting yourself up with an expertly drafted commercial lease can be the difference between success and failure.

A retail or commercial lease sets out the conditions in which you will use your premises and subsequently run your business. It outlines the duration of occupancy, including any options to renew, the purpose for which you can use the premises, rent and outgoings. As you are often locked into a commercial lease agreement for a number of years, it is important to get the terms of your lease right.

Our commercial lease lawyers are highly experienced in dealing with commercial and retail shop leases in Victoria, New South Wales and Interstate. We understand the importance of having a retail and commercial lease that effectively manages the relationship between the lessor and lessee. Because retail is our speciality, our retail and commercial lease lawyers know exactly what to look out for and how to ensure your commercial lease will give you both the protection and freedom you need to grow your business successfully.

We can also assist with the drafting of confidentiality agreements, as well as the sale and purchase of a business.

Our team of commercial lease lawyers can advise you on all aspects of retail and commercial leasing. Contact Gladwin Legal today for expert legal advice on your business lease.

Gladwin Legal’s Retail and Commercial Lease Lawyers Can Assist You With

  • Drafting a retail lease agreement
  • Drafting a commercial lease agreement
  • Review of lease and disclosure statement
  • Negotiating a commercial lease
  • Negotiating a retail lease
  • Lease renewals
  • Lease assignment and transfer
  • Exercise of options
  • Surrenders of lease
  • Letters of offer
  • Retail Lease Agreements
  • Contribution and incentive agreements
  • Shopping Centre leases
  • Casual Mall Licensing agreements

Our expertise ranges from drafting retail and commercial office leases and warehouse leases to reviewing shopping centre leases. Shopping Centre leases can be particularly unfavourable to a tenant, as they can contain standard clauses that pose hidden risks and costs to tenants if not carefully reviewed and negotiated.

We will help to identify key risks to your business and ensure the retail and commercial lease terms allow you to run your business as you have envisioned. We can walk you through all additional regulations, codes and conditions which apply to you as part of your lease.

Peace of mind comes with the clarity and certainty you get from speaking to an expert. Get in touch with a commercial lease lawyer at Gladwin Legal today and ask us about drafting a lease agreement for your retail business.

It is important to obtain legal advice before signing any offer to lease, agreements for lease and of course, a lease itself, as there are many considerations that you should be aware of in order to reduce your legal risk.

We also recommend obtaining legal advice for any renewal of lease as this may be a good time to review the terms of the lease to address anything that you may not be happy with or any unfavourable terms.

We understand that cost is an important consideration when deciding whether to engage legal services. We offer fixed fees for most of our leasing services, including lease reviews, assignments, renewals and letter of offers.

However, lease negotiations can vary in cost as there are a number of commercial decisions that you will need to make that will affect the timing of the negotiations. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your scope of work.

Prior to signing you should have consideration of what you want included and excluded from your lease. As your lease determines how you are allowed to use the premises, it is important to factor in all aspects of your business.

Amongst other considerations, you should consider permitted use, business hours, fees payable, duration of the lease and whether there will be any renewal options.

You should also consider whether any other obligations apply, such as shopping centre terms or building regulations.

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