Changes to Mandatory Standards for Bean Bags 2016

Changes to Mandatory Standards for Bean Bags 2016

If you sell, manufacture or distribute bean bags, you will need to comply with the new mandatory safety standard that has been announced by the Australian Government.

Although there has been a mandatory standard in place on bean bags since 1987, the recent update requires changes to safety features such as mandatory child-resistant slide-fasteners and improved warning labels to prevent suffocation hazards.  The ACCC will be enforcing these changes after 1 January 2016.

The definition of bean bags can be broad, as it also includes toys with beans, cushions/pillows, pet beds and any other product encasing foam beads that have openings in which the filling can be accessed.

Whether or not this particular standard applies to your business, it is crucial that all of your products comply with relevant mandatory standards to avoid nasty fines or damage to your brand and reputation.

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Click here for the ACCC release.