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    Stop infringements on your legally protected rights with an expertly-written Cease and Desist Letter from Gladwin Legal.

    Whether you’re looking to draft a Cease and Desist Letter or need to respond to one, Gladwin Legal can provide a tailored Cease and Desist Letter to suit your unique situation. For a free consultation and peace of mind, get in touch today. We’re here to help.

    A Cease and Desist Letter is Ideal if You Need to:

    • Notify someone that they are infringing on your intellectual property rights (i.e. trademarks, copyright) and demand that they stop.
    • Send a letter to cease defamatory conduct.
    • Notify someone of a breach of contract.
    • Request for certain conduct or actions to stop.
    • Indicate to the recipient the seriousness with which you are treating the matter without turning to formal litigation.


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    Award-winning retail law services and marketplace lawyers at Gladwin Legal.

    Rosalyn Gladwin, Principal

    Gladwin Legal Can Assist You With:

    • Drafting a cease and desist letter;
    • Advising on infringement disputes, defamatory behaviour and contract breaches; and
    • How to respond to a cease and desist letter.

    Rosalyn Gladwin, principal of Gladwin Legal, shares how Gladwin Legal partners with you to provide stress-free legal services, predictability of cost, and support for your business, whenever and wherever you need it.

    Award winning team, responsive time frames and fixed fee solutions

    We understand that the brand image and reputation of your business is your most important asset. When outside influences begin to encroach on and tarnish your brand, a cease and desist letter is a valuable, timely weapon to protect your business. It can be a powerful tool to protect your rights without incurring the cost and inconvenience of litigation.


    David Barbeler★★★★★
    Rosalyn and Megan helped me get my online business ready to launch 3 years ago and I'm so very grateful that I reached out to them.
    Three years on we're still going strong and just had both legal documents updated by Rosalyn & Megan. Both times the whole process was super transparent, effortless (on my end), and very professional.
    Tonya Davidson★★★★★
    It is refreshing to find great service and communication in the corporate world.
    Gladwin Legal are just that but more specifically Roslyn Gladwin, the actual person behind the name brings these qualities to the table coupled with a deep knowledge of retail law and matched expertise
    Marc Cam★★★★★
    I had the opportunity to experience the expertise of Gladwin legal; they assisted our business with contract agreements and provided us with valuable advice.
    The process was professional and always responsive to our needs. Thank you, Rosalyn and all the team at Gladwin Legal.


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