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Do you want a Cease and Desist Letter printed on Gladwin Legal letterhead?

Gladwin Legal offers tailored Cease and Desist Letters

Gladwin Legal recognises that start-ups are the backbone of the Australian economy and are proud to work with passionate entrepreneurs to support their exciting up-and-coming businesses. We want to help you take your dreams and make them into a reality by providing affordable and pragmatic legal assistance.

We understand that the brand image and reputation of your business is your most important asset. When outside influences begin to encroach on and tarnish your brand, a cease and desist letter is a valuable, timely weapon to protect your business. It can be a powerful tool to protect your rights without incurring the cost and inconvenience of litigation

A cease and desist letter is a formal legal letter used to officially notify someone that they are infringing
on your legally-protected rights. These rights can include:

• Infringement of intellectual property rights (i.e. trademarks, copyright);
• Ceasing defamatory conduct;
• Breach of contract;
• Requests for certain conduct or actions to stop; and
• The right to initiate legal proceedings to enforce your rights

Gladwin Legal can assist you with:

• Drafting a cease and desist letter;
• Advising on infringement disputes, defamatory behaviour and contract breaches; and
• How to respond to a cease and desist letter.

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