Are your employment contracts up to scratch?

Are your employment contracts up to scratch?

After convenience store franchise 7-Eleven came under fire for “systematic wage abuse” for paying employees as little as $5/hour, they have recently appointed a former police officer to investigate their franchisee’s procedures.

The scandal has caused a lot of grief for 7-Eleven, with not only lengthy and expensive court proceedings but also a tarnishing of their brand.

Employment law can be a messy area, which is why it is important to do it right from the very start with concise, well-drafted employment contracts and transparent procedures, to avoid complications later on.  Some questions to ask yourself when planning your employment contracts:

  • Is the person classified as an employee or a contractor?
  • What is the person entitled to? (eg. wages, leave benefits, minimum or maximum work hours per week, etc.)
  • What is your liability as an employer?
  • Do you need to protect your intellectual property?
  • Do you need a confidentiality clause?
  • Are you aware of any requirements under the NES (National Employment Standards), of any awards that exist, etc.?

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