Are you really purchasing “Free Range” eggs

Are you really purchasing “Free Range” eggs?

The ACCC has been investigating potentially misleading “free range” claims by egg producers.

The Federal Court has ordered a hefty penalty of $250,000 against Darling Downs Fresh Eggs for engaging in misleading conduct regarding ‘free range’ eggs.

The ACCC argued that the eggs were marketed and promoted as ‘free range’, representing to consumers that the hens that produced them were able to move about freely on an open range when in fact, the hens had never been able to access the outdoor range and had been confined to barns for continuous periods of time.

It is more important than ever to ensure that your business is not making false or misleading overall representations of your products, particularly when it comes to ethical issues such as the way your product is manufactured or produced, as consumers pay a premium for ethical or environmentally friendly products.

For example, if you represent your product as being “organic”, ensure that it meets The Australian Standard for Organic and Biodynamic Products (AS 6000-2009) and seek certification.

If you are require advice concerning the representations you have made to consumers or are unsure about your claims, do not hesitate to contact Gladwin Legal on  or 1300 033 934.

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