Are you protecting your customers data? Why data privacy is so critical to the customer experience.

If you think about the number of ‘junk’ emails you receive from the countless companies you have ‘subscribed’ to over the years, how many emails would that be? In being subscribed to these newsletters, often you will have provided them with data about your name, email, possibly your date of birth and perhaps even your physical address. So, what do companies do with this data and how is it stored when it is no longer required?

As we approach a new and exciting era of the tech savvy consumer, retailers have access to more consumer data than ever. Being able to provide personalised customer experiences is pivotal to the retail experience. This customer data, whether that is in the form of loyalty cards, competitions entries or purchase history, comes with the expectation that it will be treated with the utmost security. Think Vodafone – failure to adequately protect consumers’ privacy can tarnish your reputation, hinder the ability to build a trusting relationship with consumers, and attract hefty costs. Therefore, it is no longer an option to turn a blind eye when it comes to understanding and complying with privacy laws.

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