Are your advertised prices misleading and deceptive

Are your advertised prices misleading and deceptive?

Do you sell tickets or allow for bookings online?  One of the most frustrating things for an online customer is having to go through the entire checkout process, only to be hit with a surprise fee upon payment.  This is a practice most prevalent in industries that sell tickets or allow for bookings.

The ACCC has recently penalised Palace Cinemas Pty Ltd $10,800, as it had reasonable grounds to believe that the company was making “part-price representations” in their online booking process.  Online retailers must clearly state any mandatory booking fees when advertising prices and ensure that any totals show the full price including fees, so as to not mislead or deceive customers.  A failure to do so may be a breach of Australian Consumer Law and can leave a business open to penalties.

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Source: ACCC