3 Reasons to have a Privacy Policy

3 Reasons to have a Privacy Policy

Privacy policies are mandatory for businesses with a turnover of over $3 million or those that collect ‘sensitive Information’ from people.  However, there are a range of other reasons why all businesses should maintain and implement a privacy policy on their website.

  1. Encourages Customer Trust

When a business shows transparency by providing access to a Privacy Policy, customers often feel more comfortable with sharing their information with the business – particularly when it comes to payment details.  A good privacy policy will generally include a section about security of information (this is specifically identified in Australian Privacy Principles as well).

  1. Clear Guidelines

A privacy policy provides clear guidelines for the business to engage in good privacy practice from the get-go.  This means that when your business grows, the mandatory privacy requirements will already have been met and you will not have to engage in costly and confusing changes – for example, by ensuring unneeded information is deleted and destroyed consistently means you will not have to do a huge search and tidy-up.

  1. Future-proofing & cost-saving

By using secured servers or payment gateways from the start and outlining these in your privacy policy, you will not have to pay the costly price to change your practices when your turnover hits $3 million or you decide to collect ‘sensitive information’.  This is also helpful when drafting your privacy policy – once employees change and it becomes less clear what technical security measures you use, it can be more confusing and costly to chase up the right people for the information you need.

I’ve helped many businesses draft their privacy policies in line with Australian Privacy Principles.  If you need advice or assistance with yours, contact me at  or call me at 1300 033 934 for a no-obligation quote.