3 funniest competitions

3 funniest competitions

You may have seen our recent posts about running competitions, trade promotions and giveaways to promote your business.  The fun thing about running your own competition is how creative you can get with it, whether it be a weird prize or a unique method of entry!

Here are some of the funniest competitions and prizes we have seen:

1.     Air Guitar Championships

Did you know that the Air Guitar World Championships have been running since 1996?!  Strangely enough, it started off as a humorous side attraction for the Oulu Music Video Festival.  It has since become a huge event, aiming to promote world peace with their slogan: MAKE AIR, NOT WAR.

2.     Cheese rolling

In 2009, more than 15,000 people showed up to the cheese-rolling race on Cooper’s Hill in Gloucesterhire, England.  It is a hugely popular race to chase a 3.5 kg wheel of double Gloucester cheese down a hill.  The winner takes home the cheese, of course, plus a $500 gift card and ski season passes at the resort that the event takes place!

3.     Inflatable flea prize

We’re not sure what the competition terms were, but an inflatable flea as a prize for a flea control product is fun.  Oversized inflatables can make great, low-cost novelty prizes!

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