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About Gladwin Legal

It’s important to us that your business is fully legally protected every step of the way and that it can grow profitably and sustainably without legal issues getting in the way. It’s important to us that we help you make deals, not break them.  We move fast and don’t ‘over lawyer’ anything.  We are commercially savvy and pride ourselves on practical, useful advice to make things happen.

We believe in different. We love what we do and operate far more dynamically than the old school commercial law firms. Our specialist retail expertise means we’re not reinventing the wheel with every new challenge. Our flat fee and subscription structures mean tailored, expert advice is easily obtainable to every retailer, large or small. Call now for a free consultation and ask us to quote – you might be pleasantly surprised!

Our team is friendly, solution-oriented and approachable with a very careful eye for detail. We believe in pragmatic solutions that don’t cost the earth. We see ourselves as a business enabler to help you achieve your goals to grow. That’s why we won the NORA Legal Team of the Year in 2018.

We provide a fresh approach to retail law by leveraging time-saving digital tools. We are always accessible no matter what part of Australia you are in – we can meet in your office, our office or we can simply conference call online.

You are our priority

Why we are award winning

David Barbeler★★★★★
Rosalyn and Megan helped me get my online business ready to launch 3 years ago and I'm so very grateful that I reached out to them.
Three years on we're still going strong and just had both legal documents updated by Rosalyn & Megan. Both times the whole process was super transparent, effortless (on my end), and very professional.
Tonya Davidson★★★★★
It is refreshing to find great service and communication in the corporate world.
Gladwin Legal are just that but more specifically Roslyn Gladwin, the actual person behind the name brings these qualities to the table coupled with a deep knowledge of retail law and matched expertise

Why does the retail industry choose Gladwin Legal?

We live and breathe retail! Every day, we work hand in hand with retailers all over Australia providing expert commercial legal advice and top class service. Our specialist knowledge of the retail industry means we get the job done right and done faster, all at highly competitive rates. Click here to read more about us.

How do you know retail so well?

Rosalyn, the firm’s founder, has always worked in retail; in her father’s family run jewellery store, behind the scenes, or as an in-house lawyer in Myer. Her knowledge, experience and passion for commercial law and the retail industry run deep.  Learn more about Rosalyn.

Outstanding client service and flexible fee structures

Retail moves at a lightning fast pace and timing is important. We pride ourselves on providing outstanding client service including fast response times and flexible pricing solutions, from fixed fees, to hourly rates (charged per minute not blocks!) and retainer agreements.

Your legal team on call

Our team is your retail legal team on call. We are your outsourced in-house commercial lawyers that give you the peace of mind you need to protect your interests and run your retail business seamlessly. We learn to understand your business intimately and our team becomes an extension of yours. Expert commercial legal advice is just a phone call away.

NORA Network founder, Paul Greenberg speaks to NORA Solution Provider award winner, Rosalyn Gladwin, principal of Gladwin Legal.

We are retail experts.

In this time of crisis you can rely on us.

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Meet Our Team

Rosalyn Gladwin developed Gladwin Legal with a vision to be the law firm of choice for the retail industry. Rosalyn is a retail expert. She has been working in and advising the retail industry for over 30 years.

Rosalyn Gladwin


Josh Gladwin is a pragmatic and experienced lawyer. He manages all dispute matters for our clients, enabling Gladwin Legal to deliver commercial and cost effective solutions using the full spectrum of dispute resolution processes.

Josh Gladwin


Megan Nguyen, commercial lawyer and expert in retail law
Megan Nguyen is a savvy lawyer and Senior Associate with strong attention to detail. She is passionate about working with clients to develop their intellectual property strategy and e-commerce needs.

Megan Nguyen

Senior Associate

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